Apps and other stuff I've made

I spend my days as an optometrist, but after the kids are put to bed I mutate into a wannabe programmer. If you think you'll get some benefit from some of these tools please check them out. Even better, tell your friends: It's your support that makes me want to keep making these things!

EyeDock (the app)

EyeDock is a website for optometrists and other eye care professionals. It is intended to be a quick chairside reference for the busy clinician. This iPhone app contains many of the same features, including:

  • Contact lens parameter lookups
  • Topical ophthalmic medication lookups
  • Contact lens calculations (see CLcalcs below for more info)

*please note: The EyeDock app requires a subscription to the website.

app store link



The CLCalcs app has all the contact lens calculators of the EyeDock app. It does not have the contact lens and medication database lookups. It does not require a subscription to 

Calculators include:

  • Contact lens calculations, including
    • spherical and toric soft lenses
    • front, back, and bitoric RGPs
  • Oblique crossed cylinders
  • vertex conversions
  • keratometry conversions

app store link



Refraction Tutorial & Simulator

I'm not sure if you can call this an app, but a while back I wrote a tutorial on the fundamentals of doing a monocular subjective refraction. It includes videos on the process of refracting in plus or minus cyl. These videos are available online at the Medrounds website.

However, the crown jewel of this project is an interactive refraction simulator. This is available for purchase, so if you want to learn to think on your feet while refracting (and you want to support more projects like these) please check it out!


Parks Three Step

The Parks Three Step app helps eyecare professionals isolate the paretic muscle in acquired vertical diplopia.  Enter your observations for each of the three tests and the app will suggest which EOM is underacting. 

Since I firmly believe you should never fully trust an app to make your clinical decisions, this app also explains how the each test is used to determine the final result. Consequently, this application is not only clinically useful but also helps you understand which are the primary EOMs in different fields of gaze.

app store link