OK, my body isn't that weirdly shaped. So why does it seem like I only have two choices when I buy a dress shirt at a normal-person store? My two choices seem to be:

1. A shirt that fits in the neck, but it's tight in the shoulders and has sleeves that are too short.

Sleeves too short

2. The sleeves are long enough, but the shirt is billowy and the neck is huge.

Neck too big
In essence, I feel like I'm being forced to choose between looking like a guy who's about to deliver a calf or a guy who's about to go wingsuit flying.

Historically I either wore ill-fitting clothes or went to Big & Tall stores, which seemed odd as I'm not big nor am I excessively tall.

And that's why I like shopping online.

Ordering a shirt online
AuthorTodd Zarwell