Why is it that, every time I see someone named Todd on TV or in a movie, they're a total dork?  

Then again, maybe it's not just a Hollywood thing.  After I got to know one of my roomates in grad school he confessed that, before he'd met me, he'd dreaded having a roomate named Todd because every Todd he'd ever known had been a total tool.  Now that I think about it, I don't recall him ever saying that he'd changed his opinion.  

I happen to think Todds are pretty awesome, but TV and movie writers seem to disagree. According to them, Todds seem to fall into one of three categories:


The Yuppie.  Usually a person that's a little wealthy, a little snobby, and usually pretty clueless.  Movies like characters like this because they make a good bad guy, or at the very least, a guy that they can make fun of - and the audience won't feel sorry for them.  

Prime example: Todd Chester, from Christmas Vacation:




The Nutjob. A guy that's obnoxious, a sexual deviant, or just plain off his rocker.

Prime example: "The Todd", from Scrubs:




The Total Freak - a misfit in every way.

Prime Example: Todd Cleary, from The Wedding Crashers.




Off the top of my head, I can only think of one movie Todd or, in this case, Tod, that I was proud to share my name with:

Tod, from the Fox & the Hound:


AuthorTodd Zarwell