I easily get annoyed with multi-step computer tasks that I seemingly have to repeat over and over and over again. I always find myself trying to find ways to automate these tasks with things like Automator, AppleScript, and Hazel on my Mac.

The thing is, I'll spend 45 minutes trying to figure out a way to automate a task that, if done manually, would have taken two minutes. I've done this for collecting optometry related RSS feeds, making journal entries, and many other things. It's OK because I like the challenge, although sometimes I wonder if I gain any time in the long run. I think I eventually do, but even if I don't I still win because whatever task I was dealing really annoyed me. Once I've automated it I don't have to deal with that ever again.

Still, I still found this recent graph from the Chart Porn Web site strangely validating:

Automating tasks

It might take more time up front, but it's worth it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be spending the few hours figuring out a way to avoid having to type periods.

AuthorTodd Zarwell