Well, I've been pretty quiet lately. Things have been a little busy at home, and I've been spending what free time I have finishing up my new soft lens searches for EyeDock. It's taken me about 18 months (way too long!), but I'm pleased with the results. 

I've written a short page on EyeDock about the new features in these searches so I won't repeat here. I will, however, include the screencast I made introducing the new searches.  

I'd love to hear your feedback! 


A new feature for EyeDock's soft lens searches: Enter a refraction and EyeDock will take care of vertexing to the corneal plane, transposing (if needed), and will find appropriate lenses. Even more helpful, it will find the closest available power for the chosen lens and give an estimation of the best potential VA.

AuthorTodd Zarwell