This quote from Matt Gemmell hit home for me:

It feels cruddy to share your work. it feels like you’re asking for a pat on the back, like the person who posts a selfie remarking on how ugly they are. it feels adolescent and needy, coupled with being exhibitionist and opening you up to ego-shattering pushback. It gets very slightly easier over time, but (in my experience), never really easy per se.
— Matt Gemmell

I hate marketing. For one, I'd much rather spend my time making something. For two, I always feel like a braggart when I people's attention to something I've done. For three, promoting your creations always opens yourself up for criticism, some of which is hard to swallow.

Still, it's a necessary evil. I'm envious of people who can build things and keep it to themselves  For me the process of creation is very rewarding in itself, but I have to admit the good job!s and "way to go!'s are what keep me going. Furthermore, if you hope to make (or supplement) a living on your work you need to tell someone about it.

Matt's advice?

Here’s the only piece of advice I can give: you just have to push past it. Ultimately, you have to write for yourself, not anyone else. What I mean is that you have to feel good about the work itself. Can I stand behind this? Am I glad to put my name to this? If you can answer “yes” to those questions, all the other things at least have a chance of following afterwards naturally.
— Matt Gemmell

AuthorTodd Zarwell