I'd been getting frustrated because I haven't been getting much done lately. I keep a constant list if things I want to get done on the website, apps, blog posts, and other ambitious projects. I've made virtually no headway on this list in the last six weeks and it was starting to drive me a little crazy.

Because it's light out so late into the evening my kids have been getting to bed really late, I haven't been getting much done at night. This is also the first summer with my oldest having off of school and I don't get much done if I'm home during the day.
Today I had a nice breakfast with my wife and son, then we went home and played a board game. It made me realize something: I'm just going to have to be less productive in the summer. There's much more important things for me to be doing.
Thank you, Drew, for helping me realize something that should have been obvious.

AuthorTodd Zarwell