Back to the Future is another movie that I have a lot of fond memories of. Who wouldn't love a mad scientist, a time traveling Delorean, and a skateboarding Alex P Keaton?


2015 is Back to the Future's 30th anniversary. Marty McFly started off in 1985 and time travelled back 30 years to 1955. In the second movie, he went 30 years the other way, from 1985 to 2015. I've been seeing a lot of articles looking at the predictions made in Back to the Future II, such as hoverboards, self-lacing tennis shoes, and flying cars.

While this is funny, there's something else that I can't stop thinking about. When I saw B2tF in 1985 the scenes from 1955 looks soooo ancient to my 13 year old self. Tiny little TV screens. Old fashioned cars. Weird, stuffy looking clothes. 

It was pretty obvious to me that a lot had changed in 30 years, from 17 years before I was born and the 13 years I'd been alive.

On the other hand, from my perspective, it seems that very little has changed in the 30 years since my 13th birthday.


Or has it?

big phone

AuthorTodd Zarwell