This Mother's Day, while my wife straightened up and I reclined on the couch browsing Twitter, I happened to see an article ranking the top 10 science fiction mothers. On the front there was a picture of Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2, brandishing an automatic rifle and lookin' buff. At that very moment, my wife walked by carrying an armful of Nerf guns back to the kid's arsenal. 

Of course, Linda Hamilton in T2 is and my wife are different.  Sara Connor prevents Armageddon by fighting a robot from the future, after all. However, my wife does battle midget terrorists on a daily basis. Terrorists that can operate an iPad but, paradoxically, can't figure out how to put a plate in a dishwasher. So, there a lot of similarities there too.

In the end, I came to this conclusion:

And, I was just kidding about loafing on the couch while my wife was doing housework. I was actually on a chair.

AuthorTodd Zarwell